What To Wear In Color (not black and white)

Do you open your closet and see a theme or color trend running through it? For me, I have an unhealthy obsession with cardigans and love color. I own one black top and I don’t wear it very often. The color of your photoshoot clothes is just as important as nice hair and clean teeth.

From a photographer’s standpoint, color can be tricky in making sure the skin tones don’t look off. What we wear reflects directly onto the skin. For instance, wearing orange, the skin will have an orange hue. Unless you are a baby eating loads of pureed carrots, this is probably not what you want.  Sometimes we can correct it, sometimes there is so much color competition that we can’t get it perfect. As artists we are usually perfectionist, give us a break and let us keep the little sanity we have.

For you, the client, you just want to look good. Different colors convey different emotions. Also consider where the pictures will be displayed. Say, you want to wear purple but the color of the room is red and green. Might look a little off, right? Aside from your winning smile, the color of clothing is incredibly important.

What Colors to Wear for Your PhotoshootTips to nail the color in your portrait:

  • First, consider the colors in the room where the pictures will be displayed.
  • Consider your family’s personality. Are you bubbly or more quiet? Are you color lovers or fans of black?
  • What is a common color the whole family wears? Unless of course you want to buy everyone something new.
  •  Think about how the color affects your skin tone? Does it give you a lovely green hue or wash you out?
  • Do you want the photos to be seasonal or timeless?

Sure we can remove some blemishes, but adjusting the colors from wardrobe choices can be much trickier. Often it just leaves us frustrated because we can’t get it perfect. Our definition of success is making someone’s life easier. Please join our mission statement by making it easier on us. As always, when in doubt, take a picture and send it to your photographer.

Comment below if you are one who’s got this, or if you are crying right now thinking about color. 

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