What Ducks Taught Me About Photography

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I love watching nature and the interaction! When we get frazzled, we can step back and let nature teach us.

What these 2 ducks taught me:

1. Always have a buddy. Life can get lonely when we are caught up in our own little world.

2. There is enough for everyone, so share. The world can be competitive, especially the photography industry!

3. The world sees you calmly floating while underneath you are paddling ferociously, it’s ok they know that. Another person’s life may look like they have it together, but we don’t know how fast they are paddling underneath to make it look that way.

4. Not to worry about where my sustenance will come from tomorrow. Sometimes we get so caught up with our long term vision, we forget to live today (poster child over here!).


What Ducks Taught Me About Photography


I am a wife and mother, creator, dreamer, and memory maker.


  1. by Mariah on April 7, 2015  1:04 pm Reply

    I love #3 & #4, great advice and thoughts! And cute picture!

  2. by Rebekah on April 12, 2015  9:29 pm Reply

    #3 is SO true! Need to remember this!

  3. by Robin on April 13, 2015  2:04 pm Reply

    Great post, love this image to go with it too!

  4. by Melissa Klein on April 28, 2015  3:57 am Reply

    Great post, and great photo, too. :)

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