Visit the Best Gym in Keizer!

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin We all want to look good in pictures, right? Let’s be honest, we don’t work out just to be healthy. We want to look good in the mirror! Health and fitness is a passionate subject of mine. Thankfully one of my brothers is in the same boat so we get to geek out together. This amazing brother is the manager and a personal trainer at Keizer Snap Fitness. What makes this gym different you ask? Him! He works hard to create a very community oriented, supportive place to sweat. This is why I go there even though I have a garage full of equipement I could use. He is even a WEALTH of information! Do you need modifications because of an injury? Do you have a question something food related? Curious how your body works? James is happy to answer any question you have and if he doesn’t know, he will do some research and let you know. Signed up, but haven’t been in awhile? You can expect him to call you. I could go on and on….

Ask James to see the secret workout room!

Keizer Snap Fitness
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