Tips to Nail Your Own Headshot

In the age of social media and sites like LinkedIn, everyone should have at least one great headshot. The man is in the business world and pleads with me to save people from their own bad avatar. I wish I could be an avatar fairy waving my magic wand over everyone’s tiny picture. I could wear a big poofy skirt and a great pair of heels…I digressed, back on topic. Having a professional headshot can go a long way to your overall career image. I know this isn’t realistic for everyone. Let me give you a few pointers if you choose to do it yourself.

7 Tips to Nail Your Own Professional Headshot1. Beforehand think about what part of your personality you want to convey, i.e. serious, out of the box thinker, energetic. Then look in the mirror and try some different facial expressions to convey that. Choose a few to try out.

2. Next, find a very well lit area but not in direct sun. Outside is best because the color of indoor lights can make your skin look funky.

3. Take a couple test shots to see what the background looks like. Make sure the background is very simple and not competing for attention in the photo.

4. Never, yes never use flash from your phone or a camera’s pop up flash. If you do, I promise the end result won’t be that great.

5. Remember, a headshot is exactly that, a picture of your head (o.k, and maybe shoulders). Avatars are so small and people want to be able to connect with you, but if your whole body is in the picture, your beautiful eyes get lost.

6. Dress (at least the upper half of you) and do your hair/makeup like you would for an interview.

7. Don’t forget, a smile can go a long way!


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