The Desire Map Review

Are you one who holds a dream deep in your soul? Do you daydream about this life then dismiss it as impossible? I used to. I could taste it, I could feel it. I would secretly daydream about this life. I was so attached to it that I wouldn’t even verbalize it to anyone worried they would confirm my worst fears, it was impossible.


After some detours I have finally found that path. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels! This is what I want for everyone woman out there! We are all worthy to pursue our dreams. We all have it in us whether we believe it or not. We don’t have to settle for a dead end job or a sub par romantic relationship. Now, I’m not telling you to get a divorce or quit your job. At least take an honest looks before you do. You may just need a perspective change.


We can’t make any life altering decisions until we know EXACTLY what we want! That’s where The Desire Map comes in. This book is a life changer! If you are tired of status quo and want to pursue that deeply guarded dream, you must pick up this book.


The Desire Map is broken into two sections. The first section is an explanation and the philosophy behind Danielle LaPorte’s new way of setting goals.The Desire Book Halfway through you will want to skip ahead to the workbook. DON’T. Let your heart and soul absorb her inspiring words. They will psych you up for the work you will have to do in the second half.


The second half of the book is a workbook. No use reading all about it and putting the book back on the shelf. Life won’t change unless you apply her way of thinking. It is good work, promise! LaPorte helps you to step out of the mundane and figure out what truly drives you, what makes your heart sing. Maybe you don’t have to quit that job or get a divorce. Maybe you just needed a change of view. Maybe after you finish the workbook, you realize your dreams truly ARE achievable and you CAN quit that soul sucking job. Maybe you just need a different position within the same company. You won’t know unless you figure it out first.


Wouldn’t it be worth a shot to find out if you could be excited to wake up every morning? Not only will you have a newly defined purpose, but you will know what to say hell yeah! to and what to politely say no to. One of the beginning statements is “Ideas. Introspection. Clarity. Action.” This sums up the book perfectly.


Does this sound like I am telling you about a unicorn sighting? I promise, I am not. Why? Because I have applied her techniques and found a new giddy up in my step. I have a clear vision of what I want so I can plan steps to get there. No longer am I creating goals and beating myself up when they aren’t met. They are merely guide posts and any forward motion, is enough.


Giiirl, you want freedom? If you aren’t living a life that makes your soul sing, you must read this book! What do you want to achieve but think is impossible? Tell me…..

I am a wife and mother, creator, dreamer, and memory maker.

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