The One Most Important Thing You Are Forgetting To Be Thankful For

salem-portrait-photographer-blogWhen you look around the table and are thankful for everyone sitting there, even Uncle Bob who causes you to roll your eyes more in one day than the rest of the year combined, you are forgetting something. Well, maybe not something, but someone. I’m not talking about God, Allah, or whomever you believe in. I’m not referring to Great Grandma Beatrice who has passed. I’m talking about yourself.

Yup, have you recently expressed gratitude for yourself? Have you stopped to be thankful for your talents, or your expressive eyes? This time of year we are supposed to be appreciative of the food we get to eat, the family we have, but no one encourages us to be thankful for all we bring to this world. We are all here for a purpose and reason. This world would not be the same if you weren’t in it.

Sometimes if we are in a darker place, it may be difficult to find anything about ourselves to be thankful for. If you aren’t sure, ask someone close to you for ideas, even children can offer great insight.

I want you to write a list of 5 things about yourself whether physical or mental that you are grateful for. Then tape it to your bathroom mirror.

Leave a comment with your 5 things.

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