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  • Not Your Grandma's Nighty

  • Let me paint the picture for you...I was in my late teens living at the beach. It gets cold and especially when your house is large and drafty. I was just getting up when who should knock at my door? The guy who I was in that awkward almost dating but not quite stage. What was I wearing? A floor len[...]
  • Choosing Outfits for Your Portrait Photography Session

  • Now that we have discussed color, let's talk about choosing outfits for portrait photography. Remember, we want it coordinated but not matchy-matchy. 1.  I always like to start with the favorite outfit. That one you know has to be photographed. Usually, it's a child. If it's you, you have a stand[...]
  • Color in the Family Portrait

  • Now that you are thinking about color in the family portrait, let's take that one step further. You have an idea of what colors you want, we are now going to narrow that down. Unless you are going for the circus look, pick 2-3 colors only. Different ways to make those 2-3 colors not so boring and[...]
  • What To Wear In Color (not black and white)

  • Do you open your closet and see a theme or color trend running through it? For me, I have an unhealthy obsession with cardigans and love color. I own one black top and I don't wear it very often. The color of your photoshoot clothes is just as important as nice hair and clean teeth. From a photog[...]