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  • But I Have Nothing to Wear!

  • After you have conquered the apprehension of being photographed, well, maybe not quite conquered, you now have wardrobe to figure out. This can be intimidating especially if you are a woman with curves, so let me give you a few unexpected ideas. Don't have that perfect cocktail dress? No problem.[...]
  • Choosing Outfits for Your Portrait Photography Session

  • Now that we have discussed color, let's talk about choosing outfits for portrait photography. Remember, we want it coordinated but not matchy-matchy. 1.  I always like to start with the favorite outfit. That one you know has to be photographed. Usually, it's a child. If it's you, you have a stand[...]
  • What To Wear In Color (not black and white)

  • Do you open your closet and see a theme or color trend running through it? For me, I have an unhealthy obsession with cardigans and love color. I own one black top and I don't wear it very often. The color of your photoshoot clothes is just as important as nice hair and clean teeth. From a photog[...]
  • 9 Quick Tips to Nail the Photoshoot Wardrobe

  • You look on Pinterest and see this adorable family photo and wonder how the heck they managed to look so put together. Some people are lucky to learn fashion sense early in life, others of us have to learn it. Yes, in my early 20's I studied this because I had none. Maybe I should dig out the pictur[...]