Planning Chaos

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I always thought with my small children, life was busy. Then, they grew. I was busy alright, but with wiping snot and changing diapers. I could do this all from the comfort of my own home. I could wear what I call my “home clothes”. My makeupless face and ratty clothes would probably scare small children if I ventured into public. It was controlled chaos. Now, many days, it just feels like chaos. Gone are naptime snuggles watching the current fave cartoon. They have been replaced with car talk and discussing making good life choices. I am still not sure how this evolution even happened. Most days I am excited to get to know these souls I have been entrusted with. Some days, I wish I could responsibly crank up the radio and drown them out.

One of my talents is organization. You should ask the man what happens when it takes you months to go through a box sitting on the floor and you come home to find said box has been dealt with by the dumpster. My brain craves order. Without it, I am a raving you know what. The older my kids get, the more activities it seems they have and the more flexible I need to be.

One habit I have created is my weekly planning. On Sunday or Monday morning, my planner and I take some time. I tried digital, but alas, paper has won out. For me there is something in writing and crossing off. Before I even begin planning, I review the last week to see if there are any notes or to-dos that need to carry over to this week. First I put in the reoccurring activities like swimming and dance. Then, I write in personal to-dos and events like what I am cleaning for the week (I try to get one major cleaning task done every week). After the necessary stuff has gone in, I put business stuff. After business, I lastly put in all the things I hope to get done. That’s my rhythm.

Having this planner helps me sleep at night. On the off weeks when I don’t have my week planned, I am more stressed, go to bed worrying I got done what I needed, and my brain is constantly frazzled. When my week is planned, I know everything is written down and I don’t have to remember it. During the week I make plenty of notes and add things as needed.

If you feel your mind is a jumbled mess, search around for a planner that meets your needs and make a date with it at the beginning of each week. Just a few minutes of planning will open up so much mental space you didn’t think you had.

Here are some from around the web that I really like and some I have used.

I got this one last year from Design Aglow and LOVE it! I put it into Levenger discs and continue to print and customize pages. I was nervous about the price, but totally worth it! You buy it once and it lasts year after year.

Design Aglow Planner


I use to have this one. I really liked it, but when I started my business, it wasn’t enough.

Weekly Planner


I have heard great things about the Erin Condren planners, although they are on preorder right now.

If you want flexibility or see some printables you really like, head to your local office supply store and find the Levenger discs. I love them because I can rearrange until my hearts content and not lug around a huge binder. I can also add whatever I want as long as it fits in the puncher.

If you desire complete prettiness to encourage your planner date every week, check out Webster Pages!

Weekly Planner

Do you like to keep it old school with paper or have you moved into the digital age?

I am a wife and mother, creator, dreamer, and memory maker.

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