No Resolutions! Just One Word….

We are 2 weeks into the new year. Have you already given up on your resolutions? Don’t feel bad! You would be a weird one if you kept them (just kidding). Years ago I decided to end the disappointment of New Year resolutions. You set this expectation of loosing weight and 2 months later you have to care for a very sick family member and it becomes the last thing on your mind. Crisis over, you think back to this resolution and become discouraged. Over the last few weeks you have gained weight back and the uphill climb just seems too much. Know the feeling? I sure do!

Years ago I resolved not to set anymore resolutions. All they did was caused me to become angry with myself. The world beats me up enough, I don’t need to join in. After a few aimless years of having no focus, this Type A person couldn’t stand it! I had to refocus. I came up with a yearly theme. Choosing a theme to focus on has really helped me improve my life in little ways that make big impact when I look back over the year. There are no hard and fast dates or tangible measurements. I still make goals (the SMART kind), however they are more situational and usually no more than 3 months. There is a difference between dreams (owning a studio), goals (loosing 8 lbs this month), and resolutions (loosing weight).

One Little Word 2015 - Create


This year’s theme is CREATE. Over the last almost 12 years I went from babies in diapers to school. This year I decided to cut myself some slack. At first the man thought I was just going to go into a lull like on Office Space. I assured him the house would still be clean and the children fed. I am just going to steer my life toward more creative endeavors like my photography business, scrapbooking, and learning calligraphy. I have a feeling I am going to be learning a lot this year on how to just be.

Do you make resolutions? What will your theme be?

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