My Unromantic Love Story

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The most unromantic love story EVER! In honor of the official day of love, let me tell you how I met my love.  At the time we met, I had a 3 month old. It was an abusive relationship and I had left him when I was pregnant. I fully expected to raise this precious life by myself and mentally prepared myself for this adventure. In swoops this nerdy, grease smelling guy asking me for my number. Not my typical head turner. At least he had a decent, steady job at the local chip making factory, Kettle Foods. That was a step up. One day he nervously asked me for my phone number and I flippantly gave it to him. Who wanted a girl with a baby? Other than my love for my new son, romantic love was lurking no where in my brain.

Most Unromantic Love Story EVER!I forgot about the incident until a few days later when he called me. To say I was shocked is an understatement! I gave a guy my number and he actually called… the middle of the day no less. The next week he came over and hung out with my son and I. That night I knew he was the one I was supposed to marry.  I can’t explain it and thankfully I was sitting on the floor or I would have fallen off my chair.

We hummed along for about a month and a half. We were on our way to a BBQ and had to stop by Fred Meyer’s. We meandered into the jewelry store and half jokingly looked at wedding rings. We ended up walking out a little later with a new engagement ring and band for him.

Here come’s the most romantic part of the whole story…… We got in my jeep (how I miss that thing!) and started driving out of the parking lot toward our friend’s house. He pulled out my ring and said I should put it on to see if anyone notices. I happily agreed. The ring went on my finger and we consider that the best proposal in the world. The crowd of people noticed and began talking this wedding planning mumbo jumbo. Little did they know our intentions.

In true romantic fashion, we set a date; only after calling the Justice of the Peace and inquiring the first available time slot. I went to Walmart and got me a cute little sun dress, dressed up my little 6 month old boy and married the man who became the man of my dreams. We had our two friends who introduced us, and the friend whose house the BBQ was at in our little ceremony. Quick and to the point, it suited us perfectly.

We then said goodbye to the baby, had brunch at IHOP, went back to the apartment and moved a few things to our new apartment, then spent the night at a hotel in Jantzen Beach (not really as romantic as it sounds for those not Oregonians). Two months and four days from the afternoon he came over, we were officially hitched. Eleven and a half years later, we are stronger than ever and I don’t know what I would do without this man!

I am a wife and mother, creator, dreamer, and memory maker.


  1. by Stephanie on February 12, 2015  11:53 pm Reply

    I love it! When it's right, it's right. Sometimes the big romantic things that everyone seems to be searching for just aren't necessary. My husband and I also had a very low-key, somewhat last-minute wedding, with only a few family members in attendance. We had a small lunch at my aunt's house, then headed to our apartment. I don't feel like anything was missing, and I wouldn't trade my marriage with my (also nerdy) husband for a giant romantic wedding with anyone else.
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    • by Shannon on February 14, 2015  9:50 pm Reply

      So glad to know we are not alone! haha

    • by Shannon on February 14, 2015  9:48 pm Reply

      It's great to know someone was touched! Most people pity me until I assure them we don't regret a moment :)

  2. by Dede on March 16, 2015  4:51 pm Reply

    We had a similar beginning. :-) It's always fun to hear other people's love stories. We got married with only my children and the minister present. It was perfect. (not a first marriage for either of us). Thanks for sharing!

    • by Shannon on March 17, 2015  6:02 pm Reply

      I love it! The important people were there :)

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