My New Project – Project 52

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice! Heard that one before? Well, maybe I am not quite going to Carnegie Hall, but I do always want to get better at my craft. Last year I participated in AND finished a 365 project. This is huge! Most faulter and don’t make it over the finish line. It is like a marathon in the photography world. Some dream about the finish line, some have to leave early because of health, but some do make it and get that medal. A 365 project is simiply a photo a day. Yup, 365 days = 365 photos. I had to make up a few here and there, but I did it! Maybe we should create bumper stickers like the amazing 26.2 ones. I had a wonderful group of ladies helping me along the way. Without them, it wouldn’t of happened.

Project 52 - Visual ToolboxAnywho, this year I have started another project for the year. While I learned tons last year, it was hard and I feel my creativity got a little squished. This year a little less pressure and a little more fun. In my scrapbook life, I am doing more themey type pages. Last week was a picture of each family member in their current favorite or go-to outfit. In my personal photography life, I am doing a Project 52. You guessed it, 52 weeks = 52 photos. I am going through the book The Visual Toolbox by David duChemin. A new project, a new group of ladies, and improving on my passion. Goals don’t get any better!





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