Must-Read Parenting Book!

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My growing up years weren’t what you would call happy. Although I love my parents and am grateful for what they instilled in me, I didn’t get everything I needed. I always knew I wanted to parent differently than mine, but had no idea how to do that. Back before there was this thing called the internet, I devoured books. Any question I had, to the library I went coming out with an arm load to hunt down my answer. I kinda have a thing for the written word, especially books. When I was pregnant with my first, I thought I would be a single mom forever so I researched the heck out of parenting knowing I wouldn’t have a man to fall back on. Apparently there were different plans in the works for me, but that’s another story.

I don’t even know how many books I have read on parenting. Back then there were mommy blogs but I always want proof (maybe part trust issues, maybe part love of science??). To the leaders I went. Stumbling through and finally piecing together how I wanted to parent, I felt o.k raising this little human and not saving for therapy. Now I have 4 not so little humans, but I am still fine tuning (and still o.k not saving). There have been a few books that have me jumping up and down, screaming “Yureka!”Parenting must-read!

One of these books happened along a couple months ago (yup, I still love books), The Identity Crisis of Parenting by Terri Gregory. She has come and talked at the kids’ school. Not only is she absolutely adorable, but very practical. One very different approach in this book, she speaks more about the parent changing their behavior instead of tactics to change your child’s. She begins by discussing each stage of a person’s life and what they need. I had no idea how important the approach you take to potty training is to future development! The first section is full of  “I had no idea!” then followed by a deeper understanding of where you stand in this thing called life.

She rounds out her book with practical application. Terri even jokes about how much your kids won’t like you in the beginning, but quickly come to respect you more. I never stopped to consider the number of children leaving the nest who don’t know how to do laundry. I was even one who fumbled my way through.

This book is filled with just as much laughter as hard work. She has done it, not just in her own home, but in her classroom of the most difficult children the school system has. The man who can count on two hands the number of books he has finished, read this guy in one day! If he can do it, you can too! Maybe not in one day…I wouldn’t recommend that….. It is a fun, quick, read packed full of techniques to take back your life and create responsible human beings.


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