Mt Angel, Oregon Location

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The adventurous spirit in me loves scouting out new locations. Earlier this week I went to Mt Angel to find a perfect spot. For little feet, I don’t like a whole lot of walking around. They tire easily and want to pick up every rock along the way (read: tantrums and dirt). A small space with different backgrounds options is a challenge to find.  St Mary’s church in Mt Angel is perfect for family photos! If you aren’t a local, let it inspire you.

This is natural leading lines AND framing! Would you rather be closer to the door or toward the end of the ramp?


There were so many different stair opportunities. Maybe we could roll up the black mat and put it back when we are done?



Another great place for stairs.



The pony wall from the above stairs. Perfect for standing parents and sitting young ones.



I have all kinds of ideas with this tree!



Can you imagine some cute head popping through?



Natural framing and even in the shade!


These were all taken around noonish with some bright sun. Plenty of places for any hour of the day! They also had a nice patch of beautifully green grass, although it didn’t have much shade. I love all that grey brick. It is simple yet with all the crooks and crannies, it adds texture.

Do you have a favorite spot you like to shoot in or get your family photos taken?

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