Color in the Family Portrait

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Now that you are thinking about color in the family portrait, let’s take that one step further. You have an idea of what colors you want, we are now going to narrow that down. Unless you are going for the circus look, pick 2-3 colors only.

Color in the Family PortraitDifferent ways to make those 2-3 colors not so boring and matchy:

  • Vary your shades. This even works well if everyone is planning on jeans. Have some light, some dark, and even a chosen color in there.
  • Think about texture. Maybe mom has some layers, little Johnny has a sweater, and cool dad just has a shirt.
  • Accessorize!  Barrettes, headbands, necklaces, oh my! A photo can look really pulled together if you use those same 2-3 colors in your accessories.
  • Throw in a dress (not on dad hehe). I have found this is the easiest and most eye happy way to get variety
  • Don’t be afraid of pattern. A small dose of simple medium to large pattern can look really nice. Try to stay away from small patterns because it can do funny things with the camera

If you struggle with matching colors or need some creative inspiration, I just found this really cool app. It is created by Sherwin Williams and called Color Snap. I know, totally not the intention of use, but still pretty awesome and helpful!

 What’s your biggest struggle when choosing what to put on your family for pictures?

There’s some more portrait photography tips for ya! Check out previous posts and stay tuned for the next post in our “What to Wear” series.

I am a wife and mother, creator, dreamer, and memory maker.

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