Choosing Outfits for Your Portrait Photography Session

Portrait Photography SalemNow that we have discussed color, let’s talk about choosing outfits for portrait photography. Remember, we want it coordinated but not matchy-matchy.

1.  I always like to start with the favorite outfit. That one you know has to be photographed. Usually, it’s a child. If it’s you, you have a standing ovation! This means you will be workin’ it and jump right in without having to warm-up. Now that you have your base, let’s keep going.

2.  For some reason getting the kid outfits nailed down, the adults’ always seem so much easier. Using the color palette from that favorite, and the previous posts on color to guide you, start pulling clothes out that might work. Lay out the favorite outfit on a nice big bed.

3.  Narrow down person #2 to maybe 2-3 outfits unless the clouds have parted and you have a stroke of genius. Do this for every person who will be in the photo.

4.  Step back, take a look at the whole then walk away and make some coffee or tea. Let those clothes sit for a couple hours.


Fast forward a few hours……go back and ponder that mess of clothes on your bed. Here is where we nail it down.

5. Put the favorite outfit on a hanger and hold it up. Looking at your spread, choose your next favorite (doesn’t matter who it’s for). Now look back at the original favorite. Do they go well together? Yes? Perfect! Put it on a hanger and clear that person’s other outfits.

6. Now repeat this process until everyone has an outfit.

Congrats! Everyone will be clothed!


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