Children’s Books to Inspire You (not your kids)

Have you ever read a children’s book and thought, “Why am I wasting my time with long self-improvement books?” I was reading two books to our youngest and after had to take a few minutes to ponder what I had just read. Kid’s books? Really? Yes, really.

The first one we read was Have You Filled a Bucket Today? We have read this one hundreds of times, yet this time, it got me. I am working hard right now to take my photography business in the direction I was originally called to. I wanted to make my hobby a business to empower other women to see their own beauty as they are today, not after losing 10 pounds. I listened to others and lost my original passion and drive. I want to be a bucket filler! I want my love of photography to fill the buckets of women who think there is something wrong with them because they don’t look like a magazine cover. I can’t wait in another month or so to relaunch my business and be that bucket filler! This book confirmed my calling and encouraged me to continue putting in the work. Go read this book to yourself and your kids. It’s a good one!

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

The other book was a gift from my son’s teacher and another loved book in our home, I Knew You Could! For many, many years I have felt I was created for greatness. I have known that all I have been through was for a reason. My dream was a stage I could encourage other women and tell my story. A couple months back I was watching Sue Bryce and got goose bumps. I had a vision of myself on a stage speaking to hundreds of women about self love and caring for themselves. The vehicle that got me there was my photography business. I had to pause her video and catch my breath. For the first time I got a glimpse of that greatness. A photography business based around helping women see their own beauty is my vehicle to that calling of greatness I had eons ago. Even now writing about it, tears are streaming down my eyes. The thought terrifies me a little because I feel so inadequate, but I guess that’s what dreams are made of; feeling inadequate and pushing through. This book talks about not knowing which path to take, what to do when it feels like you are in a dark tunnel, how to ask for help, and so much more. It’s a children’s self-improvement book you have to read! It even encourages touting your own horn which I think as women we should do more often. 

I knew I Could

Isn’t it amazing how if we are open the universe, God, Allah (whatever you believe), they can speak to us through the simplest means. I could not believe these two books confirmed my current path and encouraged me to keep at it. Go get them and read them to your kids (or just yourself) today!

Has a children’s book ever spoken to you?

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  1. by Cris Ruffolo on August 3, 2015  8:45 pm Reply

    Hi Shannon,
    Thank you for sharing this. I am a book addict and I have been reviewing a couple of children's books. Recently, I was reintroduced to Robert Munsch's Love You Forever and I tear up. Completely. I don't think I will ever stop crying every single time I read this book. My twins, Nicholas and Antoinette, are now two years old and have developed the habit of bringing a book to me and "force" me to read it. This is now one of their favorite books. I am pregnant and due to give birth mid-September to Baby No.3 and I have been reading books to them to get them ready for the arrival of the new baby. I wrote about what my husband and I are doing to prepare them. Here's the link: See you around online! :)

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