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  • Preparing for your Photoshoot

  • If you are like most ladies, you won't have a beauty or boudoir photoshoot every month. It's a special event, so let's talk how to get ready for it, aside from wardrobe. If you were going on a vacation or a special event, you wouldn't go without getting your hair done, right? If you book with us, we[...]
  • But I Have Nothing to Wear!

  • After you have conquered the apprehension of being photographed, well, maybe not quite conquered, you now have wardrobe to figure out. This can be intimidating especially if you are a woman with curves, so let me give you a few unexpected ideas. Don't have that perfect cocktail dress? No problem.[...]
  • Taking the Awkward Out of Pictures

  • Getting your picture taken is awkward. I won’t try to deny that. Did you know they don’t have to be? What if I told you they can be fun? One major reason people don’t like to be in a photo is because they are self-conscious. Sure, even the super models have body parts they wish were different. Wh[...]
  • Tips to Nail Your Own Headshot

  • In the age of social media and sites like LinkedIn, everyone should have at least one great headshot. The man is in the business world and pleads with me to save people from their own bad avatar. I wish I could be an avatar fairy waving my magic wand over everyone's tiny picture. I could wear a big [...]
  • The Hidden Secret of Photoshop

  • If you have spent anytime in this massive program, you know how overwhelming it can be. I think this may be why purchasing actions is so popular. Let someone else figure it out, then pay for their knowledge. My science background makes me want to do it myself. I have to prove it works before I can c[...]
  • Choosing Outfits for Your Portrait Photography Session

  • Now that we have discussed color, let's talk about choosing outfits for portrait photography. Remember, we want it coordinated but not matchy-matchy. 1.  I always like to start with the favorite outfit. That one you know has to be photographed. Usually, it's a child. If it's you, you have a stand[...]
  • My Favorite 5 Android Photo Apps

  • There seems to be much more love for Apple than for us poor Android users. Getting info takes a little digging, I like to think it makes us more awesome. Here are 5 of my favorite photo apps:   VSCO Cam: This is my go to app! I like the more professional photographer feel and function. I have [...]
  • How to Scrapbook Simply

  • For years and years I was jealous of those women who could take everyday photos and make these beautiful scrapbooking pages! I'm a simple gal. I love shiney things like the next one, but I don't want 20 when 2 will do. I tried my hand at this craft when my first was born. It didn't last long at all![...]
  • Color in the Family Portrait

  • Now that you are thinking about color in the family portrait, let's take that one step further. You have an idea of what colors you want, we are now going to narrow that down. Unless you are going for the circus look, pick 2-3 colors only. Different ways to make those 2-3 colors not so boring and[...]
  • What To Wear In Color (not black and white)

  • Do you open your closet and see a theme or color trend running through it? For me, I have an unhealthy obsession with cardigans and love color. I own one black top and I don't wear it very often. The color of your photoshoot clothes is just as important as nice hair and clean teeth. From a photog[...]
  • 9 Quick Tips to Nail the Photoshoot Wardrobe

  • You look on Pinterest and see this adorable family photo and wonder how the heck they managed to look so put together. Some people are lucky to learn fashion sense early in life, others of us have to learn it. Yes, in my early 20's I studied this because I had none. Maybe I should dig out the pictur[...]
  • First Day of School Picture Ideas

  • About this time I begin to get giddy, but try to contain myself. It's back to school time! Around the middle of August the joy of summer has warn off and I am ready to get back into a routine. This year, I won't be in school all day AND our youngest will be in full day kindergarten. Did I mention ho[...]

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