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  • Tale of Two Desires

  • You know those life changing moments when your spirit struggles between 2 dreams? Just yesterday I was crying to the man while trying to plan my week. How in the world am I going to juggle all these balls? The over achiever in me wants them all done well. I hate half-assing anything! After a yoga se[...]
  • Planning Chaos

  • I always thought with my small children, life was busy. Then, they grew. I was busy alright, but with wiping snot and changing diapers. I could do this all from the comfort of my own home. I could wear what I call my "home clothes". My makeupless face and ratty clothes would probably scare small chi[...]
  • Part of My Sanity Retention Program

  • Being organized is my sanity retention program. Having my kids help with our hectic family schedule is a part of my program :). Come check out the post I wrote for A Grande Life about how to get your kids involved and help you out. You want some of your sanity back too, right?!
  • Stop Your Guilt!

  • Christmas and Easter, the two holidays that remind me how fast my kids are growing up. Soon I will have to release them into the world and hope they make good choices. What a scary thought! Have I prepared them enough? Will they have healthy relationships? Is their life going to be successful? A[...]
  • Must-Read Parenting Book!

  • My growing up years weren't what you would call happy. Although I love my parents and am grateful for what they instilled in me, I didn't get everything I needed. I always knew I wanted to parent differently than mine, but had no idea how to do that. Back before there was this thing called the inter[...]
  • Infant And Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day

  • Today is a day close to my heart. Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I think this is the worse kind of loss. You have these dreams for this little being. You imagine chasing them around your house, and tucking them in at night. Yet, that opportunity is stolen. When we lost our litt[...]
  • 5 Tips to Get Organized

  • Life gets chaotic. Boy do I know that one! Some days you don't know if you are comin' or goin'. I have 4 kids (ages 5-11) and the man, we own a home, and I am starting a photography business. Life can be crazy! Somehow we manage to eat most of our meals homemade, have a relatively clean house, get l[...]

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