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  • 5 Tips to Get Organized

  • Life gets chaotic. Boy do I know that one! Some days you don't know if you are comin' or goin'. I have 4 kids (ages 5-11) and the man, we own a home, and I am starting a photography business. Life can be crazy! Somehow we manage to eat most of our meals homemade, have a relatively clean house, get l[...]
  • What Do You Fantasize About?

  • Do you fantasize about a different life? I was reading about the morning habits of successful people. We all want to be successful, right? Every morning Steve Jobs asked himself , "If today was my last, what would I do?" I know quitting your job and travelling the world probably isn't realistic (unl[...]
  • 365 Theme: Storytelling

  • We all yearn for those responsibility free days of childhood, especially these long summer days. I am certainly no acception! I mean, really, who likes to fork over their money to pay a mortgage? Perhaps this is why I adore taking pictures of children. Their awe and wonder at the small things inspir[...]
  • Here We Go!

  • This world of photography chose me, I did not choose it. Well, I guess if you consider me buying a camer choosing, then I guess I sorta did. I started out like most moms, wanting to capture those moments of my growing children. Why do they have to grow so fast? I am soon going to have all my kids in[...]