The Dancers at City Dance Theatre

I am one who likes to rise to a challenge and not shrink back. They are my own weird games I play with myself. Little did I realize what I was committing to! By far my biggest gig to take on. I had no idea I would take so many photos. Over the course of 4 days I took around 500 photos. Then I had to process all those photos which took 3 1/2 full days to end with 403 images. Phew!

Scrolling through all the pictures for City Dance Theatre in Salem, I am astonished. I did that! Seeing hard work and hours of practicing my craft come to life excites me. Ya know that one thing you have been working on that finally comes together? That’s how it felt Sunday night when I loaded the last image into the gallery. All the dancers and their classes have been photographed, now I just have to take the on stage recital photos, pour myself a glass of wine, and be proud of what I accomplished.

Here are a few of my favs (it was really hard not to overload you!):



I love the shadow on this one! Doesn’t it look like she is being eaten by a monster?



And now, back to our regularly scheduled program…….

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