Monthly archives:April 2015

  • Tips to Nail Your Own Headshot

  • In the age of social media and sites like LinkedIn, everyone should have at least one great headshot. The man is in the business world and pleads with me to save people from their own bad avatar. I wish I could be an avatar fairy waving my magic wand over everyone's tiny picture. I could wear a big [...]
  • Mt Angel, Oregon Location

  • The adventurous spirit in me loves scouting out new locations. Earlier this week I went to Mt Angel to find a perfect spot. For little feet, I don't like a whole lot of walking around. They tire easily and want to pick up every rock along the way (read: tantrums and dirt). A small space with differe[...]
  • Part of My Sanity Retention Program

  • Being organized is my sanity retention program. Having my kids help with our hectic family schedule is a part of my program :). Come check out the post I wrote for A Grande Life about how to get your kids involved and help you out. You want some of your sanity back too, right?!
  • Stop Your Guilt!

  • Christmas and Easter, the two holidays that remind me how fast my kids are growing up. Soon I will have to release them into the world and hope they make good choices. What a scary thought! Have I prepared them enough? Will they have healthy relationships? Is their life going to be successful? A[...]

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