Monthly archives:February 2015

  • Don't shake it off, shake it up!

  • Ya know the saying, "The only guarantees in life are death and taxes?" Well, I think there is a third guarantee, it's called change. I don't know if it's my ADD personality, or my insatiable appetite to learn new things, but my life is in constant change. Shiny objects lure me away. Maybe that's why[...]
  • My Unromantic Love Story

  • The most unromantic love story EVER! In honor of the official day of love, let me tell you how I met my love.  At the time we met, I had a 3 month old. It was an abusive relationship and I had left him when I was pregnant. I fully expected to raise this precious life by myself and mentally prepared [...]
  • Must-Read Parenting Book!

  • My growing up years weren't what you would call happy. Although I love my parents and am grateful for what they instilled in me, I didn't get everything I needed. I always knew I wanted to parent differently than mine, but had no idea how to do that. Back before there was this thing called the inter[...]

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