Monthly archives:September 2014

  • What To Wear In Color (not black and white)

  • Do you open your closet and see a theme or color trend running through it? For me, I have an unhealthy obsession with cardigans and love color. I own one black top and I don't wear it very often. The color of your photoshoot clothes is just as important as nice hair and clean teeth. From a photog[...]
  • Getting More Done Without Multitasking

  • As people in this crazy busy world we now live, we try to get more done in less time. The man often jokes that I was born in the wrong era. I love the simplicity and connectedness of the late 40's and early 50's (not to mention the fashion). I often try to figure out how I can bring that into the hu[...]
  • 9 Quick Tips to Nail the Photoshoot Wardrobe

  • You look on Pinterest and see this adorable family photo and wonder how the heck they managed to look so put together. Some people are lucky to learn fashion sense early in life, others of us have to learn it. Yes, in my early 20's I studied this because I had none. Maybe I should dig out the pictur[...]
  • How Do You Like Yourself More?

  • I have been invited to be included in an amazing online event the end of this month! To build up to it, we are talking about a subject near and dear to me. Today we are talkin' self-confidence. No, not self-esteem, but confidence. The ability to hold your head high, not just to think you are good en[...]
  • Gervais Sidewalk Chalk Festival

  • Need something fun and free to do with the family this weekend? Gervais is having their annual Sidewalk Chalk Festival on Saturday the 6th. Free kiddie crafts and activities (who doesn't love free entertainment?). Every year they add something. This year there is a Mario Kart competition as well as [...]
  • Visit the Best Gym in Keizer!

  • Follow my blog with Bloglovin We all want to look good in pictures, right? Let's be honest, we don't work out just to be healthy. We want to look good in the mirror! Health and fitness is a passionate subject of mine. Thankfully one of my brothers is in the same boat so we get to geek out together. [...]

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