Monthly archives:August 2014

  • Childhood in a Picture

  • Follow my blog with Bloglovin This month the theme was motion. I always find that whatever the theme happens to be, somehow an opportunity presents itself. What better time to take pictures than playing on a merry-go-round! After some hard core pushing from the man and serious laughing with the kid[...]
  • 5 Reasons You Should be on Instagram

  • Are you tired of the ever changing platform of Facebook? We all like a little consistency in our lives, right? Did you know Facebook own another huge platform? If you didn't, no surprise. Just comparing the two, you would have no idea they are owned by the same company. Are you on instagram? If not,[...]
  • First Day of School Picture Ideas

  • About this time I begin to get giddy, but try to contain myself. It's back to school time! Around the middle of August the joy of summer has warn off and I am ready to get back into a routine. This year, I won't be in school all day AND our youngest will be in full day kindergarten. Did I mention ho[...]
  • Photographers Shoot Then Burn You

  • It is said photographers can be violent people. They shoot you, then you are framed, then they hang you on the wall. Well, did you know they also burn you? Yup! Some sure do! In the industry we call them 'shoot and burn' photographers. They take your picture then burn them onto a cd. That's all they[...]
  • 5 Tips to Get Organized

  • Life gets chaotic. Boy do I know that one! Some days you don't know if you are comin' or goin'. I have 4 kids (ages 5-11) and the man, we own a home, and I am starting a photography business. Life can be crazy! Somehow we manage to eat most of our meals homemade, have a relatively clean house, get l[...]
  • What Do You Fantasize About?

  • Do you fantasize about a different life? I was reading about the morning habits of successful people. We all want to be successful, right? Every morning Steve Jobs asked himself , "If today was my last, what would I do?" I know quitting your job and travelling the world probably isn't realistic (unl[...]

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